Volunteer at Maybridge4 reasons why there's room for you! 

We have an outstanding team of volunteers who make our services and events possible! For example it takes a minimum of 40 volunteers across 15 teams to make each Sunday service happen at Chatsmore High School. We have room for you to get involved too!

Why would I volunteer at Chatsmore?

  1. Meet people - it's a great way to meet new people at Maybridge.
  2. Bless others - providing a welcoming environment where anyone can feel relaxed and included.
  3. Make a difference - it takes teamwork using a wide range of skills that people already have in our church
  4. Play your part - we're a partnership church where we partner with others to see our church thrive

What are the top 4 roles that right now need my help?

These roles are all at Chatsmore and are usually one week in 4 or 5 or to put it another way, if you sign up we give you up to 4 weeks off a month!! 
  1. Make Ready Team - work as part of a team setting up the main worship area, corridors, children's rooms and youth room from 9.00am for around an hour and then up to 12.45pm after the service.
  2. Tech Team - join as a tech helper, an AV operator or a PA operator. The start time is around 8.30 - 8.45am and finished around 12.30pm.
  3. Car Park - help welcome people, look out for newcomers, help ensure as many people are able to park on site, and you get to feel important in a high viz jacket! Arrive 30 mins before the service and then about 15 mins at the end.
  4. Refreshments - you get to meet a lot of people and see them smile as they enjoy a lovely cup of tea or coffee. It's part of our welcome and hospitality and a great way to serve the whole congregation. Arrive 30 mins before the service and stay about 45 mins at the end.

How do I sign up?

Use our sign up page here, or contact the church office here if you want to find out more, or speak to a service leader on Sunday at Chatsmore.

If you want to help at Breakfast Church or our Six service instead, or one of our other volunteering roles in the church or community, then contact the church office here.

Thank you!